Legal Matters: From Photography Licenses to Marriage Over the Internet

I’m here to drop some legal knowledge on you So listen up, there’s so much to do From photography license agreements to getting married online There’s a whole bunch of legal stuff to know
How about that purchase and sale agreement in Idaho It’s crucial to get it right, don’t be on the losing end And if you’re heading to the Cayman Islands with a gun Be sure to check the laws, or you might go on the run
Don’t forget to fill out the enrollment amendment form for Monash Do it right, don’t be the legal norm And hey, do you know what encroachment means It’s important in property law, don’t be caught in between
Now if you need to ship a legal document fast Try the priority mail legal envelope, it’s built to last And if you’re a legal researcher in the civil service Keep up the good work, don’t lose your nerve
And finally, can you really get married over the internet It’s a whole new world, it’s certainly not a safe bet So there you have it, legal matters aplenty Stay informed, don’t be caught empty
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