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Legal Knowledge in Rap!

Yo, listen up, I got the legal knowledge for you
Gonna drop some wisdom that’s oh so true
From property in Indiana to social agreements
I got the info that’s oh so relevant
Let’s start with the age< a href="https://hhbmhof.com/age-legal-alcohol-usa-what-you-need-to-know-legal-drinking-age/"> legal alcohol USA
When you can take a sip, the legal way
21 is the magic number, don’t get caught
Drinking before then, gonna be a fraught
Next up, company names in Sweden
Got to get it right, or you’ll end up pleadin’
Check out the experts for legal services
Make sure your business is off to the right paces
Then there’s the enforcing costs order family court
Gotta know the rules when you’re in that sort
Mutual non disclosure, we got a sample for you
Free template examples for you to view
Basic general contractor, here’s what you need
Key elements and considerations, no need to plead
And if you’re wondering how to minimize taxes on 401k withdrawal
We got the tips and strategies that won’t fail
Natural logarithms, it’s the law of the land
Explained simply, so you can understand
Lastly, how can you get legal aid?
We’ve got the top tips and resources when you’re in need
Social agreements, examples to be shown
Understanding legal terms and examples, so you’re not alone
That’s the legal knowledge I got for you
Hope it helps you out in all you do
Keep it legal, keep it real
And you’ll never have to make a deal

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