Legal Lingo Rap

Yo, listen up, I got some things to say

Got legal lingo for you today

First up, we got legal expenses insurance after the event

Cover yourself, don’t need to prevent

Next on the list, a simple separation blank separation agreement

Get it done, avoid the argument engagement

Can voice recordings be used in court in Canada?

Check it out, don’t be no bystander

When it comes to financial statements, who prepares them you may ask

Experts do, don’t do it wearing a mask

Looking for business rental lease agreement templates to use?

Legal protection, no need to abuse

What about a non-disclosure agreement penalty clause?

Understand the consequences, so you don’t get caught in the jaws

Ever heard of apprehend meaning in law?

Understanding the legal implications, don’t get stuck in a flaw

Need flex legal services in Manchester?

Get those expert legal services, don’t need to be a jester

What about a property offer to purchase contract?

Essential terms and conditions, don’t need to be abstract

Finally, let’s talk about the legal age casino in Florida

Understand the laws and regulations, don’t be a bother

So there you have it, my legal lingo rap

Hope you learned something, now go take a nap

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