Legal Matters: From Construction Contracts to Criminal Law

Yo, listen up, I got some legal advice for you
From construction contracts to criminal law, it’s all true

Topic Link
Free Residential Construction Contract Link
Dividing Fences Law Link
Texas Dove Hunting Legal Shooting Hours Link
West Coast Partnership Franchise Agreement Link
Is It Legal for Employers to Cut Your Pay Link
What Is Cost Plus Pricing in Business Link
Florida Unemployment Compensation Law Link
Explain How a Bill Becomes a Law Link
Infraction in Criminal Law Link
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From coast to coast, and all around the land
Legal matters are something we must understand

Whether it’s a construction contract or a franchise deal
Knowing the law is the way to keep it real

So take a look at these links, they’ll open your mind
To the world of legal matters, one of a kind

Now you know the deal, it’s time to take a stand
Legal matters are important, all across the land

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