Rap the Legal Way

Yo, let’s talk about the law, don’t be a fool
Whether Russia or the USA, you need to know the rules
The laws of Russia ain’t no joke
So educate yourself, don’t end up broke

But the legal system, it’s confusing you see
So many terms, it’s a mystery
Ever heard of ARC? What’s that about?
It’s an abbreviation you gotta figure out

Is sports gambling legal in NY?
Before you bet, you gotta know, oh my
The laws and regulations are always changing
Stay informed, don’t be left hanging

When it comes to business, it’s all about the cash
Write off those expenses, make a splash
Legal tips for LLC or not
Save that money, give it a shot

And when you’re on the road, driving as a team
Know the hours of service rules, don’t daydream
Stay compliant, don’t break the law
Keep those wheels turning, no flaws

Need insurance for your business, don’t despair
Call Hiscox, they’ll be there
Pick up the phone, give them a call
Protect your business, stand tall

Contracts and agreements, they’re a must
Including termination clause, you gotta trust
Keep it confidential, but have an out
Legal protection, that’s what it’s about

So when you’re in court and they say “to be set”
Don’t just wonder, don’t break a sweat
Understand the legal definition, don’t be lost
Knowledge is power, it’s worth the cost

And when it comes to Aadhaar supporting documents, keep it legit
Follow the guidelines, don’t ever quit
Legal compliance, it’s the only way
Do it right, don’t go astray

So there you have it, the legal rap
Know the law, don’t take a nap
Stay informed, it’s your right
Legal knowledge, take flight!

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